Jose David Lopez Geraghty

UCM Computer science student
  • Never stop learning
  • You are the programmer, you write the program and you run the program
  • The program of your own life

Career Summary

When I was 15 I was excited to start learning (self taught) some kind of computer programming. I started developing web software and the more I learned the more I wanted to continue. Everything changed when I discovered the backend and the server side, because I got to know the linux operating system and more advanced programming techniques. I then enrolled the software engineering college career at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. There are awesome teachers there from who I have leaned so much and will still do. Toaday I am very interested in the area of researching low-level and operating systems, in the understanding of how these systems work. I have developed a big interest in distributed computing, servers and clustering

Why would you want me in your organization?

  • My work is not perfect but I work very hard to make the next iteration better than the current one
  • I make mistakes, but I admit them and work to fix them as quick as possible
  • I have my goal clear: Help people making their tech live easier with a transparent process
  • I am a fast learner
  • I believe I can achieve anything as long as I dont cheat on my values
  • I am a dreamer in the sense that I believe possible what others assure that can't be achieved


My first job at the age of 20

software and services intership

For almost a year I had an intership in this company, it was the perfect oportunity for me to get into a real company to do serious work.

What am I working on:

  • Bussiness intelligence: with Quicksight and other tools
  • Tasks automation: developing software based solutions as little applications and configuring services for higher integration and automation

What I learnt

  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Innovation
  • AWS
  • Quicksight
  • Power Bi
  • Jira Managment


Professional server management and services deployment
Sistemas informaticos - Delegacion de estudiantes de la facultad de informatica UCM

This organization uses mostly google services, and private chat applications. In this committee we are trying to self host the services we use

What are we managing:

What I learnt

  • Professional docker management
  • Professional caddy management
  • Portainer
  • Critical services management


This website runs on my server!
Digital independence from huge companies

I try to host and use my own servers, not only to get some degree of independence from big tech companies such as google but also to learn a lot in the proccess!

What Servers do I successfully run:

  • I was using Nextcloud to store my files, but now I use Filebrowser, which is a more efficient software for that task
  • Bitwarden, which is my own password manager
  • Caddy, which is a "web server" that I use as proxy for my services, my web is one of those

Coming soon...

  • Coming soon in my blog, I will talk more about this topic as I have a lot of things to say

What I learnt

  • high availability
  • containers
  • microservices architecture
  • docker
  • Huge reaserch skills
  • Server managing
  • Open source teamwork skills

Helping university during COVID-19

COVID-19 in Spain

The university has been forced to adopt an online-focused model and we are solving as much problems as we can with this platform


  • The goal here is to answer the questions of other university members that have doubts about the usage of some tool or need help with some tech-related aspect
  • Up to this moment, there are 100 people among which there are students, teachers, and others who are helping in this initiative, and it is being rather a success I would say!
  • I participated in the ellaboration of a guide to help dealing with connectivity issues in online exams! SEE THE DOCUMENT
  • We received a tribute from the university for our services. I went to this act (not as the representative though) SEE THE VIDEO

What I learnt

  • Problem solving
  • Dealing with all sorts of people
  • Solidarity

I participated in CoreWarUCM 2020

7 March 2020

This contest consisted of developing a program in a specific assembly lanaguage (redcode) that could won against the ones developed by other people. Winning is achieved by either consuming the whole memory or killing th other.


  • I learned a new programming language and strategies for this game that could be applied to real world attacks
  • I didnt spend that much time developing it and the level was very high so I didnt end up in a very good position, but everyone won that day, the organistation made sure of it
  • Spoiler alert: I participated again the next year and did much better

Technologies used:

  • Assembly/redcode
  • Virus strategies knowledge

I participated in Ada Byron 2020

Madrid regional competitive programming contest
URJC 28 & 29 Feb. 2020

This is a competitive programming contest, which consisted of several phases (we passed the first one at our university classification). It is carried out by teams of 3, and the goal is to solve the most problems efficiently enough in the least time possible. We ended up in third place but could have done better. Though it turned out to be a great experience meeting all that people.


The work was done, we had trained all we could and it was the day to show it off. We worked together to do the best.

Technologies used:

  • C++
  • Environment setup in Windows for competitive programming
  • Team work
  • Competitive programming skills

Skills & Tools

Servers "Devops"

  • Hardware
  • Docker (microservices)
  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery


  • OS dev & research
  • Kernel dev & research
  • Free Software & Open Source
  • Minimalist programs & lighweight setups
  • Scripting & automation
  • Installation


  • General knowledge on programming languages & skills
  • Low (c, assembly, vhdl)
  • Web dev (front & back)
  • Commercial apps


  • Git
  • LaTeX
  • Hardware
  • Math
  • Fast typing
  • Vim



  • Las 12 Uvas
    1st place in this competitive programming constest, year 2018 category Alumnos UCM de primero
  • Ada Byron
    3rd place in this competitive programming constest, year 2019 category Segundo.

Institutions (private)

  • Intership
    2021-(until 2022)

Institutions (public)



  • Human relations
  • Economy and politics
  • Art